AD 2017

As we get older, so the years seem shorter. Yet as we look forward into the New Year, the next 365 days seem a long time.

The World seems to change so radically in a short space of time and we feel a bit lost. Leaders change, governments fall, markets fluctuate and wars too easily arise.  The weather pattern seems to get more extreme and the solid nature of our planet seems to more subject to violent earthquakes and tsunamis.  On the human scale, greater numbers of people crowd our planet, the landscape becomes more urbanised and technology changes the way we think and communicate.

One of our hymns says ‘change and decay in all around I see,’ yet there is still revealed to us all, that behind the future there is a constant factor or covenant of love and joy, truth and justice, which can be found in the nature of the world.  We are living in and exploring its wonder and the spiritual quality of our surroundings and environment, which encourage a view of divinity, in the purpose of life.

The New Year brings an opportunity to start again in our lives, to resolve to give more time and thought to the God in Creation, the God in other people, partners and children, and for time given up by others in friendship and caring.

The world of nature helps us to see the same divinity in the physical world.  The lesson is Our God is like a loving Father/Mother; in Jesus we see God as a human being, and in the Holy Spirit we find the guiding light which calls us to take up the challenge of the future.  If we listen to what is being communicated, we learn the pattern of the new kingdom, which is open to all mankind.

May I wish you a Happy and Peaceful New Year,

Michael Wilkinson

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