Baptism and Thanksgiving

Baptism and Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving for the birth of a child

A “Thanksgiving for the birth of a child” service is a relaxed and meaningful opportunity for the family to gather together and, besides thanking God for the baby, to pray for him/her and the parents as they embark on the exciting but demanding task of being parents.

As well as involving all the wider family and friends, the service has provision for particular supporters (like godparents) to commit themselves to the baby’s care and development. The service includes the public naming of the child, the presentation of a Bible and the minister praying for God’s blessing for the baby.

We are delighted to offer this in a Sunday morning service and also happy to arrange such services at a separate time or place to suit the convenience of the family and guests.

The Thanksgiving service does not involve the parents in making any promises about their own Christian commitment or Church attendance.


Baptism was first given as a mark of an adult repenting of their sins and turning to Christ. When a child is baptised it is a sign that the family want to bring their children up with the Lord Jesus at the centre of family life. 

As baptism is about commitment to Christ and his Church, it always takes place in one of the Church’s main Sunday services.  Where a family are not already members of the Church family, before setting a date: 

We ask that they come along for a number of Sundays to give them a chance to meet the church congregation – who will (in the baptism service itself) be promising their support in the walk with Jesus over the coming years. 

Someone from the Church will also meet with the parents a couple of times to look at the baptism promises so they can feel confident they are ready to commit as a family to following the Lord Jesus. 

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