Open the Book

Open the Book

We are a team of volunteers, all members of St George’s Church congregation.  Each month we dramatize a Bible story at Modbury School assembly, presented in way that are lively, engaging, informative and great run for everyone. It enables every child in Modbury School to hear a story of the Bible in their primary years and the stories take about 10 minutes  and fits comfortably into assembly times in at the school.

Each story is individually scripted and comes with direction notes, advice and tips on how to present it, all within the Open The Book handbook.  The feedback from the school is very encouraging, when told by the welcoming teacher that Open the Book stories is the favourite assembly for all the children.

We would love others to join us as actors or volunteer storytellers.  Anyone from any of the parishes that the school serves is most welcome.  Please contact Sian Jones on 01548 831256.

The next story “Double Your Money”  is about the parable of the Talents and will be on Tuesday 9th July at 10:30.

Below is a picture from the action in the last story – the Great Feast.


09 Jul 2019


10:30 am


Modbury Primary School


Sian Jones
01548 831256