Our Faculty applications.

This is where you can find and view documents about any Faculty applications that are being processed around our Mission Community.  At the moment we are showing here the documents associated with the St George’s, Modbury, Amazing Spaces Project.  Click to view any document.

Diocesan Advisory Committee Notice of Advice

13th April 2023.

Proposed Floor Plan finish.

Roof Plan - New Porch Flues.

Various sections.

Proposed South Porch Door.

Notional Lighting Circuit.

Principle Lighting Spread.

Principle underfloor heating zones & routes.

Floor profile, existing & proposed.

01/2017/L30; L31; L32; L33; L34; L35.

Proposed power layout.

Wainscot to the north & south aisles.

Kitchenette proposals.

Glass south door.

Glass south door detail.

Mobile choir pews.

Floor to wall detail.

Section through external north wall & slate vent detail.

Radiator & radiant heater layout.

Cleared church plan.

Informal service arrangement.

Informal service arrangement without pews.

Orchestral arrangement.

Suggested wedding reception layout.

Formal service arrangement.

Alternative formal service arrangement.

Cinema/Lecture arrangement.

Service/exhibition layout.

Common service layout.

Services/Exhibitions layout.

Heating Data sheet.

Underfloor Heating Constructions Screeded.

Underfloor heating and boiler spec.

Earthborn Claypaint.

Petitioner’s reply to the DAC .

2nd February 2023

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Scope & schedule of works.

Jeremy Chadburn May 2022.

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