The New Year can often bring many changes. As the new vicar of the Modbury Mission Community this New Year has brought a new house, a new job, new churches, new school and a new born baby! We have moved from central Exeter to Modbury. The area of South Hams is not completely new to us as a family. My grandfather ran a market garden just outside of Plymouth in Elburton and so growing up I had many summer holidays on the beaches of Bigbury and Bantham.

However, I am not alone in experiencing change. As we look out to 2018 there are bound to be changes locally, nationally and internationally. It has been said that there is nothing permanent except change. You just need to look at how the cost of your shopping bag has increased over the years to see that. Back in 1980 a Mars bar would set you back 15p and today you would pay around 60p, but what makes it even more galling is that research shows Mars Bars have shrunk 28% since 1990. While a Mars bar might have set you back 15p in 1980 the average price of a house was £39,500. Good news for those who brought a house in 1980! Yet it’s not just Mars bars and houses that change in price and size, all of us can be caught up in changes which are outside of our control and can be unsettling.

In times like this I have found wonderful comfort is knowing the unchanging Lord Jesus. One of the New Testament writers describes him like this: ‘Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and for ever.’

As I look ahead to the rest of 2018 I am looking forward to being part of the local communities that the Churches of the Modbury mission community serve. I am looking forward to helping people of all ages and backgrounds discover and follow the unchanging Lord Jesus Christ.