Our Well being

Dear Friends,

Easter has passed and we look forward to the summer. In the coming weeks we also look forward to other days which have been declared feast days by the church, days we call ‘holy days’ or on secular terms ‘holidays’, such as Pentecost or Whit Sunday. On this particular feast we celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit, to those of us who claim allegiance to the name of Jesus.

To-day, communities and nations elect leaders, men and women who can order life for all of us; and we finally elect those who will lead us into new opportunities and hopefully a peaceful world. They think through ways they can do this and that benefit our nation. Counting the votes, we learn the majority that will lead us into a new world.

After the war when reconstruction was important, a leader emerged called Aneurin Bevan, who persuaded the nation that we would be better in the future with a National Health Service as a way of improving people’s health and wealth.

The Bible with its record of restored and rescued lives resulted in a way of organising our national wealth in order to bring health and restoration to our nation. The scriptures and the leadership of the church give us a picture of leaders who can lead us into the truth about personal and community life. The leadership that we need is that of the ‘Good Shepherd’.

Living in a part of the country which is so rural and by the sea, we share an insight into the kind of leaders we need, such as shepherds and fishermen. The Good Shepherd is always thinking of his sheep and the fisherman of his crew.

Although the churches have lost some of their influence in people’s lives, it is essential that we take the interest that Our Lord expressed in His life by showing love and consideration for all; despite the terrors and short comings of the world.

All we need is to pray, that whoever comes to lead our churches in this part of Devon we call the Modbury Mission Community, will be a good shepherd, and that we in turn will put in time and effort for all the members of the communities to which we belong.

With all Good Wishes,

Michael Wilkinson 

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