Parish Milestones 2019

Parish Milestones 2019

Though it is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds come and perch in its branches.

Matthew 13:32

Growing in prayer

During 2019 the Vicar will teach and train around prayer, with training sessions for those who lead Sunday prayers. There will be a teaching series on the Lord’s Prayer. He will use the next 2—3 years to develop a small prayer group culture within the Mission Community.

Over the course of this coming year:

Aveton Gifford’s PCC want to lead a Bible Study and Prayer Group in their Lady Chapel on Wednesday evenings from 7.30—9pm (second and fourth Wednesdays of each month) starting on 8th May 2019.

Bigbury’s PCC want to pray for their local community during their Sunday
intercessionary prayers: on the first week—local Schools and Youth Clubs; on the second week—local Businesses; on the third week—the Health Centre, Modbury Caring, District Nurses and local carers; on the fourth week—Churches in the Modbury Mission Community.

Those who lead intercessionary prayers in Kingston will be receiving training and support.

Modbury’s PCC will be using resources from the Church of England’s “Thy Kingdom Come” prayer initiative to help equip themselves and the congregation to grow in prayer.

Making disciples and generating a discipleship and mission mentality

In the immediate future “Mission and Discipleship” will be part of every PCC agenda. Throughout 2019 we will be trying to nurture discipleship and develop lay ministry.

We will be holding Alpha and Christian Basics and equivalent courses and developing and co-ordinating effective children’s/youth ministry over the next few years, ensuring we stay in line with Church of England safeguarding developments.  We will investigate the possibility of appointing a families/children worker.

The Vicar guarantees leading one communion per parish per month to enable flexibility for mission and discipleship.

Over the course of this coming year:

Aveton Gifford is re-starting bi-monthly Pre-school age sessions in church, with Joanna, Karen, John, Nicola and Pat. DBS checks will be done.

Bigbury will places bibles in every pew and purchase a board to show page numbers in church. Readers will encourage people to following bible readings using pew bibles.

Kingston’s PCC want to encourage the idea of hearing the words of Jesus and putting them into practice. This will include having it as a regular PCC agenda item. They also want to develop publicity and outreach initiatives, including Christmas cards, leaflets for visitors to the church (“What Christians Believe”) and inviting village newcomers to the Harvest Supper. 

Modbury’s PCC will be building up and resourcing people to lead the all-age lay-led services.

Ringmore will start a new homegroup in Ringmore to develop discipleship.

Developing work in schools and community involvement

We will continue to develop links with the two schools over the next few years, working also towards drawing those resident in the villages into the church by using the natural seasons and rhythms of the year.

We will also be investigating the development of church buildings to facilitate discipleship and mission.

Over the course of this coming year:

Aveton Gifford will be improving their advertising on the village notice-board, as well as investigating the possibility of a portable board.  Rosie will speak to the Parish Council to see if they have any objections.

Modbury will be redeveloping the physical welcome to the church through the porch and noticeboards.

Ringmore PCC will be seeking to rekindle Friends of All Hallows to encourage villagers and others to support the church building work and attend key church events during the year.   or two events will be held in the church each year, such as musical, flower or poetry events.

Ringmore will also be creating a new leaflet and introductory letter, as well as a bi-annual newsletter.