Raising the Roof

South side roofs felted and battened

St. George’s Church, Modbury, is a wonderful Grade 1 listed building, dating from the 1400’s but with parts pre-dating the Doomsday Book. It has a glorious, light, open interior, making it ideal both for modern and traditional worship, as well as a host of other community activities.

There is one problem – it has a nightmare of a roof!

In 2014 the Modbury PCC learnt, what they had suspected for a number of years – the patches could no longer be patched; the roof was no longer fit for purpose and needed replacing, along with essential repairs to the tower. In December of that year, the cost of this work was quantified at about £540,000, almost twice than had been anticipated. Additionally water ingress had caused damage to the interior of the building, and its inefficient 25-year old heating and lighting systems were further contributing to the
building’s decline.


A project team was set up and tasked with raising the money, and getting the work completed. – a daunting challenge. Because of costs the project was divided into three phases – the roof, the tower and then the internal repairs and re-decoration work. The immediate target was £490,000 for the roof.  Thanks to a maximum grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, other grant providers, and £100,000 raised locally, we realised that we could afford not only to undertake the work on the roof, but also on the tower as well – beyond our wildest expectations! Tenders were invited, and work started in May 2016.

The roof was stripped, repaired, re-leaded and re-slated. The tower was completely repointed and as an added bonus, the church clock was refurbished and is now lit at nights.

Use the links on the right to see the highlight moments of our journey to Raising the Roof on our beautiful church building


Sit back and watch a selection of the 1000’s of photos taken over the project

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