The Vicar Writes

Matthew Syed, a British journalist, author and broadcaster, wrote this a few years ago in a newspaper column:

‘The irony of the information age is that people are retreating far more into their own backyard of cherished dogma. We desperately need the opposite. Christians should read Dawkins. Atheists should explore CS Lewis. This kind of exposure will not necessarily change our opinions but it will render them more nuanced and infinitely more humane. If we only ever associate with the things we agree with, we are like a scientist wearing blinkers.’

In January in the Modbury Mission Community we are running a series of evenings which all people are welcome to, people of faith and people of doubt. You would be more than welcome to come to any of them even if it is to disagree!

Explore: A series of four sessions that explore the basics of the Christian faith.  You won’t be asked to read, sing or pray aloud.

Any question can be asked.
Is there more to life than this?       Tuesday 8th January 7.30pm
Who is Jesus?                                      Tuesday 15th January 7.30pm
Why did Jesus die?                            Tuesday 22nd January 7.30pm
What is faith?                                     Tuesday 29th January 7.30pm

To find out more contact or book a place on Explore email Matt