Where do you put the cross?

Can you remember standing in the little booth at the local elections, the referendum or even the last general election and voting by putting a cross in the box you chose? For some, the decision was made there and then, right at the last moment; others made up their mind long before or even decided not to vote at all.

It is a different cross which calls for our attention at Easter. A cross found on a green hill far away outside a city wall, two thousand years ago , and yet echoed in every church building around the world; outlined in daffodils on Prigdon hill, there on each war memorial and countless other places. Have a look and see how many crosses you come across and as you do, think of the decisions you have made. The cross of Jesus faces us with a faith decision; voting for God and his way:

Jesus said: “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.”

As I come up to retirement, I have been thinking about some of the decisions in my life. Sixty five years ago, a cross was traced on my forehead at baptism as a sign of God’s calling. Forty years ago, I made the decision of ordination to ministry in the Church of England. Twelve years ago I was faced with the decision to come to Modbury as Team Rector. This year, I am faced with the decision of retirement.

I thank the Lord for his guiding as I have tried to follow and I thank you for encouragement and the fellowship of walking together in faith.

In the decisions that lie ahead, I shall still be thinking of where to put the cross.

Neil Barker

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